Reviews of Foundation Repair Contractors Oklahoma City Area

Once you’ve decided to seek professional help in evaluating and repairing your foundation issue, the challenge is to find a good, reputable contractor. This can be a real dilemma because of the lack of licensing regulations for foundation repair industry in Oklahoma (although building permits may be required in certain cities). As a result, there is the real risk of selecting a company with a poor reputation, particularly if you focus solely on prominent advertising and or the lowest cost bidder. This could be a costly mistake in the long run. Remember, your goal is to permanently fix your foundation for maximum retail value of your property down the road.

Certainly foundation repair costs should be a factor in your decision making. However, the experience and reputation of the contractor should be of equal or greater importance.

Foundation Repair Oklahoma City

Tips for Contractor Selection

There are about 30 foundation repair companies in Oklahoma City and about 45 within a 25 mile radius…that’s a lot of choices!

Top 10 Tips for Selecting the Best Contractor

  1. Start with calling several contractors on the phone. Did they answer the phone or did you get voice mail (not unusual)? Did they promptly return your call?
  2. Before you set an appointment, ask questions specifically about your situation, the company’s experience and work process. You can tell a lot about a company by the way they handle themselves over the phone!
  3. Based on your phone interviews, select three contractors to come out to your property for a free evaluation and cost proposal….including Foundation Repair Pros! Keep in mind that the inspection will typically take a couple of hours to complete, so budget your time wisely.
  4. Ask a lot of questions about their proposed techniques, technologies, warranties, guarantees, costs and contract provisions. If piers or pilings are proposed, ask how they handle the “depth” issue – do they have a depth clause in their contract?
  5. Does the company offer the services of an independent structural or geotechnical engineer? Some will not, some will include the cost in their pricing and some will arrange for a fee based engineer at your discretion. Beware of companies who strongly discourage this option!
  6. Ask if the specific proposed technique, materials or system is patented? Always go with patented technologies!
  7. Did the contractor ask YOU a lot of questions, particularly about plumbing leaks and water drainage? Did the contractor perform any water or pressure leak tests? If not, beware! Leak detection is a critical part of the process.
  8. How does the company handle landscaping adjacent to the foundation that might need to be removed?
  9. Discuss the cost proposal in detail and ask about financing options. The contractor should be well versed and helpful in assisting with this important issue.
  10. Make your decision based on the facts presented and based on your comfort level with the way the company handled themselves during the evaluation and proposal process.

We hope that you will offer the expert team at Foundation Repair Pros Oklahoma City the opportunity to earn your business. Please give us a call today!





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