Are You Having a Problem With a Slab or Pier and Beam Foundation?

We are pleased to announce that Foundation Repair Pros has become the premiere foundation repair company in the Oklahoma City area market. This has resulted from our long-standing commitment to innovative, patented technologies coupled with our hard earned reputation for superior customer service and satisfaction. We deliver on our promise to restore the structural integrity of your home at the most cost effective price and with unmatched lifetime transferable warranties.

Foundation Problems – Oklahoma City


foundation repair oklahoma cityIn addition to the catastrophic tornadoes we have experienced in recent years (Moore Tornado 2013), our area has an active “expansive soil” layer that shrinks and expands with cycles of wet and dry weather. These extreme conditions, if not mitigated can result in vertical and horizontal movement of a part of your home, which then can cause visible cracks. These cracks can be seen at high stress points like the foundation itself, floors, around windows and doors, chimneys, as well as interior sheetrock or exterior brick walls.

Slab Foundation Repair

Since the end of World War II, the slab foundation has become the most commonly built foundation in the U.S.  Although there are several types, the monolithic pour with steel rebar and wire mesh is the preferred design today in the Oklahoma City area markets. This is a great design but uneven settling of soil, improper construction pad preparation (poor compaction), plumbing leaks, and poor soil moisture maintenance can all lead to slab foundation problems.

Differential movement of our expansive clay soils can cause voids beneath the foundation to form allowing the foundation to sink. In some cases, where there is ponding of external water, the soil expands and moves upward. When these conditions persist over time, settling, sinking, cracking of the slab can occur.

Foundation Repair Pros are experts in the variety of slab foundation repair technologies including:

  • Poured Concrete and Belled Piers
  • Concrete Pressed Pilings
  • Steel Piers
  • Helical Piers
  • Mudjacking

 Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Floors over a vented, dirt crawl space can sink, settle or sag for several reasons; columns spaced too far apart, weak joists and girders due to moisture and wood rot or weak underlying soil. Moisture is a particular problem because it can also lead to excessive fungus and mold growth. We offer several, cost effective solutions to fix pier and beam foundation problems permanently:

  •  Retrofit failing piers with concrete pad base and block or steel pier supports
  • Retrofit rotten or broken beams (wood or steel I-beams)
  • Re-shimming with steel shims
  • Crawl space encapsulation with dehumidification

 Water Management & Foundation Drainage

Water management adjacent to and underneath your foundation is the critical factor in the long-term stability of the foundation. This requires maintaining moist soil but not allowing too little or too much water to accumulate. We offer several drainage alternatives to assist you in this issue:

These include:

  • Seamless gutters and downspouts
  • Surface drains (grate and channel drains)
  • Sub-surface engineered French drains

Water management and correction of any water leaks is a top priority and distinguishes our superior quality service and recognition of Foundation Repair Pros as the leader in the industry.

Water management and correction of any water leaks is a top priority and distinguishes our superior quality service and recognition of Foundation Repair Pros as the leader in the industry.

 Our Free Foundation Inspection

oklahoma city foundation repairCall today to schedule our free, comprehensive foundation evaluation which will include our advice on the best, budget-wise solutions to stabilize your home. We are fast, friendly and above all fair with our customers in developing a game plan to protect the value of your most important asset. Many times, we tell you foundation repairs are NOT needed! It may be that you just need some advice on water drainage problems.

 Are you concerned about the cost of foundation repair? No problem…we work with you to develop the most cost effective solution for your home.

Let’s find out…we’ll earn your trust and confidence with our professionally trained team. We know you’re in a difficult situation and we have your best interest at heart.


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