Progress International works with leading global companies in industry, construction and infrastructure to provide customers with high quality products, services, and related engineering and warranty services.
Mission: Provide reputable partnerships, professional skills and high ethics-based trade and engineering services.

Contio log house
Since 2002, Continental Company has set a goal in the construction market to develop new technology needed for the industry. Over 40 years, it has produced over 50,000 log houses and is today the largest log house in the world. Pragec International has been working as Kontiotuote Oy’s official distributor in Mongolia since 2019, and will provide you with customized designs and assemblies.

Glass work
Since our establishment in 2018, we have been working on glass structural construction and have been building glass fiber, glass walls, glass compartment, fence, fence, door, glass roof, ceiling, roof window and assembly.

Cooling, Heat, Ventilation – HVAC
The PRGRELX company has partnered with major global companies and has advanced technology that provides advanced cooling, heating and ventilation equipment to meet international standards. It expands our scope of business with high quality and high quality customers.

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