The IZABELLA roof drainage system is made of vinylpol chloride with a durable, durable and UV-resistant plastic. Because the ultraviolet light is resistant, the pipes will keep the color clean. Vinylpolihoride is not harmful to nature.

The elements of the system are connected to the hose. The lower hose is connected to a funnel, so it does not need a gasket. The booster system will need to use glue and other fixtures.

The IZABELLA system is ideal for home use. The lower downpipe is sufficient to remove the roof of a roof of 200m2. The system has brown, red, graphite, white and brick colors.

Color selection

The drainage system has 5 color options. Tului red, white, red, brown, and graffiti colors are suitable for any type of roof

RAL 8004
Fool red

RAL 9010

RAL 3011

RAL 8017

RAL 7024

The IZABELLA roof drainage system is modern and easy to assemble. We give 10 years of warranty for this drainage system.

Roof drainage system is manufactured according to PN – EN612.

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